City of Beverly Hills Missouri

Beverly Hills City Hall

The City of Beverly Hills Missouri is located in Mid St Louis County just south of the intersection of Natural Bridge Road and Lucas & Hunt Road. The population of the small City of Beverly Hills was 574 residents in 2010.

Beverly Hills Schools

The residents of the City of Beverly Hills are served by the public Normandy School District. The district does not have a school within the boundaries of the city but has Normandy High School located on St. Charles Rock Road, one Early Childhood Center, one middle school and five elementary schools.

Beverly Hills Missouri Address and Phone Numbers

Beverly Hills Missouri City Hall
7150 Natural Bridge Road
Beverly Hills, MO 63121

Fire: 314-524-3566
Police: 314-524-3381
Parks and Recreation: 314-524-3313
Civic Center: 314-522-9872
Public Works: 314-524-3313

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